Since 1980 Centazzo has been writing for large ensembles culminating later in 1993 in a symphonic version of his “Cjant” and in 1994 in his “A Requiem” for symphonic orchestra and 3 sopranos. “Heart of wax” was written as ballet music and is considered one of the best orchestral works of the composer.

Andrea Centazzo by Scott Friedlander

Here you have a selection from that, a sample from “A Requiem“, the overture of his opera “TINA” and 2 more works for large ensemble

In 2008, Italian-American composer/percussionist Andrea Centazzo assembled a first-rate ensemble of strings, winds, keyboards and percussion to record his adventurous ballet suite, The Heart of Wax. Newly edited and re-mastered for Centazzo’s own Ictus Records, The Heart of Wax casts the Italian free-jazz pioneer in the role of composer/conductor, demonstrating superlative mastery of orchestration.

There is virtually no improvising to be found on The Heart of Wax. Although Centazzo incorporates lush, jazz influenced harmonies into his pieces, the emphasis is on the repetitive, minimalist blending of percussion and keyboards. What prevents the music from taking on an all-out minimalist stature; however, is the intriguing contrapuntal developments found within the melodic content of each movement.
The careful choices in timbre along with the hypnotic, ethereal effect of his rhythmic layering catapults the listener into a world of sonic serenity, enveloped in warmth. While each individual movement of The Heart of Wax stands on its own as a distinct musical statement, the resulting whole performed with seamless perfection, is a bold statement from an under appreciated visionary.

John Barron – Allaboutjazz, June 2009

… Sort of like Braxton meets Xenakis meets Zappa! …challenging and consistently fascinating… a variety of surprises with layers of complex writing, inventive arrangements and many inspired solos .

This Centazzo music is in between modern European jazz and contemporary classical music. The balance between intricate writing and the quirky solos is just right.

BLG, Downtown Music Gallery, July 2008